Psychic Readings $70 for 1/2 Hour

In a one on one reading I  will connect with you, your energy, your spirit guides, loved ones and Etheric teachers along with the akashic records that hold your life plan and all your life's past and future and i will bring through the messages that are most important for you to know in the present, for a better future and to heal your past!
SPECIAL - Bring a friend and BOTH of your readings are $10.00 off!

Reiki Session Full   $50

Reiki Balancing/relaxation$25  Reiki is a Japanese form of energy/body work that cleanses and balances the  body, mind, emotions, and spiritual bodies and energy systems  of  the recipient.  As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen and realign helping to establish rejuvenation, longevity, and optimum health. During a session I use various styles of  reiki, angel heart  reiki, Pleiadian reiki and DNA repair and vibrational healing.  Being a psychic medium, I bring through messages from your guides as to how to alleviate your problems and why you have them, as well as  seeing through time as to where the problem has come from in your life.

Shamanic Healings varies ($ 69-144)
Shamanism is based on the premise that the visible world is pervaded by invisible forces or spirits that affect the lives of the living.
A shaman in the old ways was someone who walked close with creator god, the earth elements, and the spiritual realms, they knew the language of the stars and the creatures and the cycles of life and death,credited with the ability to control the weather, divination, the interpretation of dreams, astral projection, and traveling to upper and lower worlds.
In a shamanic healing session there are various modes I use. Souls retrieval where I enter into the etheric realms and find that part of you that has been lost due to trauma or serious illness , and bring and help it intigrate back to you.
Cleansing the body of impurities, this is a several day process that you and I undertake together to release & cleanse, this involves diet change, prayer and meditation, as well as counseling on the things that arise or are found out through this cleanse, herbs and holistic remadies, along with reiki and other modealities are applied,
this is a DEEP spiritual healing that should be taken with respect and openess!
Past life Regression $ 70 for 1hr
many people believe in reincarnation, some dont. The thing that I know from having had a near death experience is that the soul is eternal, it never dies, only changes form state and experience to continue to learn.
In a regression session  I hypnotize you in one of several ways  we go into the subconscious mind which is open to receiving  your connection with all that is creation and take you to the last lives you've lived and bring you back to consciousness with full memory of those experiences .
WHY Regression?
Sometimes we bring the patterns of the past with us to the present because we still desire to learn from those experiences, regression helps us to understand our deep psychological selves and patterns so that we can move on from creating the same patterns and habits and also validates the connections in this lifetime to other cultures, times and people.
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